30 October 2011

Windows XP SP3 2011

Installation Guide:

  1. Burn the ISO with ImgBurn / Nero or other Burning Tools.
  2. Boot From CD.
  3. Press a key when asked.
  4. After some time You need to Select Partition to Install. (Fresh Installation Recommended, Use First Partition, C:) 5. Format it or use without formatting.
  5. Thus the Setup Begins.
  6. Remove CD only after Full Applications Installation.
  7. After Installation Competed, Reboot Computer.
  8. Enjoy Windows XP SP3 2011. 
Download Windows XP SP3 2011 v11.02 MediaFire:

Remember Installation Guide:
a. download all part

b. save all part in same one folder

c. rename with original name (dont exchange with other file)

d. delete extension .rar (in default each part have an extension like this,  windows xp sp3.rar.001.rar) - to see the rear extension, select the folder options in Windows explorer, select the view, do not check the box that his "hidden extensions for known file types"

e. deleted after each extension. rar in each part, the icon file that had been shaped icon winrar icon turns into a white paper (not a problem, it's way anyway, so normal)

f. join with hjsplit, just insert part1 only

g. after the join, then get out of the files in the form of a combinedtotal of part-part white paper icon that already in the join, andfeatures sets it apart is its larger size

h. extract the contents of it with winrar, password when prompted, type (not copied) manually

i. if there is a message when lawyer-extracted wrong password, it means that the process c (when rename each part, you is mixed up), extracts of which appeared as if bad sectors, use the recordfunction in winrar recovery, because every windows xp on this blog are equipped recovery record 10%

j. burn burner software to use the right (take the lowest speed duringthe process of burning a CD)

k. process managed properly, then the windows ready to be used as an installer for the initial bios boot from your computer / laptop is powered on

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Download Windows XP SP3 2011 v11.02 in Indowebster
Tutorial Join part use hj-split 

Password WinRar: carlos_roy_fajarta@idws
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